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“You have another chance, go forth and shine” – Bola Ray forgives Funny Face

Media personality and entrepreneur, Bola Ray, has extended forgiveness to comedian and actor Funny Face for the insults hurled at him in 2021.

Bola X Funny

In October of that year, Funny Face, going through a tumultuous period involving depression and mental health challenges, directed derogatory remarks at influential figures, including Bola Ray.

The outburst was attributed to Funny Face’s struggles, particularly his relationship issues.

In a recent video shared by Funny Face on the X platform, Bola Ray expressed his forgiveness and willingness to collaborate with the actor and comedian once again despite acknowledging the hurt and disappointment caused by the insults, Bola Ray exhibited a magnanimous spirit.

“Yes, I was hurt and disappointed, but I also knew that there was a Face and that you would get out of it. All shall pass. Why not? Jesus Christ forgave all of us, so who are we mere mortals not to worry,” remarked Bola Ray, extending a compassionate hand to Funny Face.

The CEO of EIB Network Group took the opportunity to encourage Funny Face amid his ongoing mental health challenges, emphasizing the comedian’s talents and brilliance.

Bola Ray affirmed his support, stating, “You have another chance; go forth and shine. You are a great talent and brilliant, and you are outstanding in everything you do. So no problem, we will take you back.”




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