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Medikal alleges spiritual attacks are behind Okese 1’s recent troubles, says they are after his life

Ghanaian rapper, Medikal has alleged that musician Okese 1 is currently facing spiritual attacks.

In a viral video on social media, Medikal claimed that Okese 1 father’s death, the loss of his dogs and the burning of his Range Rover vehicle are not mere natural occurrences but related to spiritual attacks.

Medikal also alleged that he had a conversation with one of the boys behind Okese’s spiritual attacks who disclosed to him the series of attacks and plans in store for Okese.

He called on his colleague musician to get in touch with him for support and help him thrash out issues with his attackers.

“Right now what you are going through is a spiritual thing. It is not natural. What you are going through, Okese wherever you are, find my number and call me and let’s sit down because if that thing does not happen, it will be difficult [for your challenges to be over]. I felt all along you were spiritually strong but it is not like that.

“I have gotten in touch with the boys you were involved in [spiritual dealings] with and we had a conversation and the things they have planned. Your recent problems are just ten per cent of what they have for you. It is your life they are after but they are using your loved ones and things you love around you to get to you and destroy you,” Medkial alleged in the video.

He added “the boys have a point so let’s cut the chase. No need to prove gangster and hard core.”

Despite the bad blood between the two, Medikal said he is willing to offer support to Okese and wishes “to see him rise again.”

“I just want to help you, no matter what you issues I have with you. I have thrashed out all issues with you and I won’t like to see you go down like that. What is happening is not normal, this has got everything to do with spiritual attacks,” he stated.

Making reference to his generosity and kindness, the rapper said he has produced music verses for many established young artistes and did not take a dime from them.





Source: 3news.com

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