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“Love is a scam, the only thing that is real is money” – Victoria Hamah

Former Deputy Minister of Communications and women’s rights advocate, Ms Victoria Hamah, recently made a controversial statement about love, calling it a scam.

This led to speculation about whether she was going through heartbreak based on her social media posts. In one post, she wrote, “Love is a Scam! The only thing that is real in this life is Health and Money.”

In January, Ms Hamah advised women against striving to be a “superwoman,” believing it robs them of their femininity and essentially turns them into men.

Superwoman is often used to describe a woman who successfully balances career, marriage, and motherhood, but some view it as an unrealistic expectation placed on women.

Through her organization, the Progressive Organization for Women Advancement (POWA), Ms Hamah has been a fierce advocate for women’s empowerment.

She believes that the concept of being a superwoman is a scam that women should not aspire to achieve. She encourages women to embrace their femininity instead of trying to meet unrealistic expectations.

Despite denouncing feminism as ineffective in addressing gender inequality, Ms Hamah believes that women should reject the idea of being a superwoman and focus on embracing their feminine qualities.

She stated, “Super Woman is a Scam! It robs you of your Femininity and turns you into a Man,” on social media.

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