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I was already a celebrity before sing-a-thon – Afua Asantewaa

Afua Asantewaa Aduonum from all indications is capitalizing on the publicity she is getting now to talk more about herself and her achievements.

Asantewaa attempted to break the sing-a-thon record last year and ended in tears because GWR rejected her application became famous following her decision to embark on the longest sing-a-thon.

After the results of her sing-a-thon were released by the GWR in a tweet last week, it was alleged that she was fully aware that she didn’t break the records because she was disqualified.

This prompted some netizens to lash out at her with some people saying she is enjoying the fame she got from her sing-a-thon which started on 24th December to 29th December, 2023.

But in reacting to this comment from netizens, Asantewaa claimed that she was already popular before her sing-a-thon and anyone thinking she became popular because of her GWR attempt should reconsider.

“First of all, sina-a-thon was not for fame because I already had it. I meet celebrities all the time and all those who passed through the Akwaaba village during my singing marathon were people I encounter often,” she said.

She continued that she had interviewed almost all the celebrities who came to support her and it wasn’t that she was seeing them for the first time she was seeing them.

Asantewaa however admitted that even though the Sing-a-thon made a lot of people know her, she was already famous in her own way.

“I am a journalist and I have interviewed almost all the actors, musicians and celebs who came to show me love at the Akwaaba Village, so it’s not like I was seeing them for the first time.

“Although I will not rule out the fact that sing-a-thon made a lot more people know about me, I was famous in my own way”



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